Sunday, June 20, 2010


So, i'm looking for more partners in crime, other gimps to kick shit up with. i'm tired of feeling frustrated and pissed off and disappointed at so often finding the same things happening over and over, no matter the amount of work PWDs put into changing stuff. i really want to create other shit. i'm super excited by projects like this:

crip sex, crip lust, and the lust of recognition

that speak to me as a gimp, that reach into my chest and pump pump pump my heart, that mean something to me coming from other variously disabled folks. i really want to do and experience this kind of thing while being able to also continue navigating (because we gotta do it) an ableist society, and not totally lose my shit, y'know? i want to honour my own unique experiences, the connections and overlaps with other folks with disabilities, work with ENabled folks, and keep it all cool; want to not lose my head and creativity and spark in it all; want to keep my focus on my communities, other PWDs, and not constantly allow myself to get derailed by fail.

The Rub? (It feels like) i can't organize my way out of a wet paper bag. Social awkwardness, lack of physical access/es, head stuff that makes it really hard to be...well...organized, even just in my own home, not feeling confident or comfortable in a 'leadership' role, and not being part of/privy to a culture that encourages gimps to organize unless we're filling the roles prescribed by ENabled folks (e.g. bitter gimp, inspiring crip, etc.), all create an environment where i don't feel awesome about organizing, but one where i feel defeat and frustration. i really want to challenge this in myself. Because organizing comes in so many forms right? i wonder what other PWDs are doing?

i wonder if there is something out there specifically for gimps around organizing, increasing our confidences, cultivating practices of working together in ways that don't feel hierarchical?

Because i could use some help on that. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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