Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Valuing My Work, and How You Can Help!

this come on the heels of a post i wrote about valuing my work i did a little while ago.

Here's something to ponder: if you have had me do an accessibility audit for you or used one of my existing accessibility audits & we never did any kind of trade/payment/exchange at the time, id like you to consider it now, retroactively, and for future audits.

So, for some examples:

  • If you run parties, how about a couple comp tickets to a future event?
  • If you do arts & crafts, how about a little something you made?
  • Photographer? How about a nice little snap?
  • Zinemaker? How about a free copy?
  • Into gardening? How about you help me lay these paving stones or offer advice on where to plant veggies?
  • Have the ability to offer an honourarium of any amount? Great! Even make it a gift certificate to a place of my choosing, i'd love it!
  • Love to cook? How about making me a meal you're especially excited about?
  • Maker of teas, chocolates, cheeses, jams, you name it? How about a sampling of your wares?
  • Have access to a vehicle? How about taking me to go shopping for something i couldn't carry otherwise? Or take me to a beach i can't access without a vehicle?

And so on.

Get it? i provide something you need, you provide something i need, and back and forth like that. Interdependency. Mutual aid. Community.

If you really, tangibly want to value the work i do, and you don't want to insist on using your value structure to determine how i  should interpret "value", lets talk about ways to do that for each other based in what we have access to, hm?

By which i mean, to clarify: If i do an audit for you/ your group/ organization/ collective/ band/ party/ etc, i would like you to ponder how you might compensate me for the several hours of work i put into it; to not wait until i ask; and to not just assume it's a giant freebie all the time. We don't all have a bunch of money to offer (but no-one's offering me that either lol, or even simply ASKing how much it would cost dollar-wise, so, y'know, there's that), but we do all have things and skills we enjoy/ create/ have access to and can share. i'm asking you to look into that and see what you can offer, without me necessarily having to come to you about it. Maybe a tall order, but there it is.

And for all the folks who have made the effort to reach out and compensate me somehow when you use my audits, thank you, it's seriously appreciated <3

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