Friday, March 20, 2009

ally is a verb not an identity

Hi folks,
a semi-annual request.

If you are going to advertise for events, gatherings, etc, please for the love of golden-fried perogies,

It takes a phone call or a visit to the space, a moment to type it up along with the rest of your post, and does a world of good.
Some incredibly basic examples of what im personally asking for:
- is the entire space "wheelchair accessible"? Do you know what that means?

- if just the main space is w/c accessible, give some detail about what the deal is with the bathrooms: can a person in a wheelchair access them? can that person transfer on either or only one side of the toilet? are there bars? does the door swing into or out of the stall? what are the measurements?

- if there are stairs, how many? are there landings? are there railings? on one or both sides? how wide is the staircase?

- is there to be a clear path so folks can get through the space without getting knocked on their asses or run into?

- is the space scent and smoke free?

- is the space on an accessible bus route? if not, is it on any bus route?

- is there sign language interpretation available?

- is the place well-lit or moody? are signs big and bold, high contrast?

- is there gimp parking available?

- is there a variety of seating? or is it all those folding "chairs" of doom?

- is there a contact person for access issues?
- etc

It seems like a lot of work, but really, its not. It's considerably more work to show up at an event only to find it's up a huge flight of stairs, and/or the bathroom isnt accessible, and/or the place smells like a perfume shop.

There are those of us who have been working on this kind of stuff for a long ass time and already know the info you need. If youre unsure, ask.

But please, get on it. Toute suite.

Thanks, loves.