Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i really like this article about when friends get jealous of folks who are on disability benefits. ive had many folks express a sense of envy, jealousy, etc because im on benefits and apparently have all this freedom to do as i please, all this free time, this life of leisure. i really wish they could understand that this is not a privilege, it is a basic survival thing. i have no other options. i have no room to move, to play with it, have no prospects for anything different, no movement. i would gladly work at a job. but i cant. i would gladly do what my parents and their parents and theirs before did, and work at something to earn a living in this messed up system, if it meant i could do it without living with this pain. But i cant. So yeah. Please dont talk to me about being jealous of this. As this article says:  "there’s nothing going on with them that you want for yourself."