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Subtitling is one way for more folks to access video & film. It certainly helps me understand things better, it makes it possible for others to participate in an otherwise *entirely* alienating & inaccessible event. And while subtitling is not the be-all end-all, but one piece of the puzzle, i think the bulk of us are looking towards greater inclusivity, wider community nets, empowerment, involvement, liberation, yes? Yes. And every bit helps.
Check out this post from a friend on why this is so important:
A friend turned me on to this website called Universal Subtitles, where you can take pretty well any video and subtitle it in many languages. i am currently limited to subtitling in english, but if you are able, please subtitle any of these in additional languages! This is yet another fabulous tool for increasing accessibility and community!!

i'm going to be adding to this post as i subtitle and tweak other people's subtitles, so stay tuned!

As well, im going to have a list of projects on the go, and things id like to subtitle. If youve got time, add to them! Make your own (thats one of the great things about the program, you can build on other peoples work)



Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy To Task

Few intellectuals have waged a public battle against white supremacy and patriarchy like Toni Morrison. Morrison has both examined and challenged systems of domination throughout her intellectual life. With her novels, essays, and interviews she has taken critical looks at the interlocking systems of race and gender oppression. In this interview she is asked by PBS's Charlie Rose what it is like for her to encounter racism. In true Morrison fashion she turns the question on its head, and places the onus for explaining racism back into the hands of White people. She asks Rose what he thinks of racism, why do Whites hold onto, and what are they going to do about it ending it. She rejects the notion that racism is simply something that Black people must grapple with, insisting, demanding, that White people also grapple with it. Fearless. Brilliant. Powerful.

Full Interview:  i am working on subtitling the whole video... stay tuned!


helen talks about the hardship she has had in relationships due to her disabilty...part of a new documentary on lesbians of African descent...coming soon!.
"black./womyn.:conversations..." will be a feature length docu-film that will concern lesbians of African descent living in the U.S. It will include over 50 interviews with black lesbians of all ages /classes /nationalities/locations discussing a variety of topics including coming out, sexuality and religion, love and relationships, patriarchy, visibility in media, among others as well as a series of short vignettes representing the topics discussed. 



Sid Chow Tan, A Community History Project by No One Is Illegal
No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories presents an interview with Sid Chow Tan as part of "Inheriting Resistance: A Community History Project". For more information:,%20A%20Community%20History%20Project%20by%20No%20One%20Is%20Illegal/

Ableism, Disability and Anarchy by Common Cause,%20Disability%20and%20Anarchy%20by%20Common%20Cause/

This is the ableism documentary by members of the Ontario based anarchist group Common Cause.


Tim Wise on how white privilege impacts us all.

The youtube Closed Captions are actually pretty decent on this video, and you can hit "settings" to increase the font size and change colours.
There are some mistakes and gaps, so here is the transcript to help fill in the blanks:

Shit People Say to People With Disabilities

Black Bloc Tactics - 10 Quick Points! (3 videos) 
(1 of 3) No One is Illegal's Harsha Walia speaks about the diversity of tactics strategy and the black bloc tactic (10 Quick Points!) and experiences of the tactic in the context of 2010 Olympics resistance, Heart Attack .
Guante: 10 Responses to the Phrase "Man Up" (Spoken-Word)  
Guante's poem calling out the phrase "man up" (popularized in Miller Lite commercials, TV shows and real life). 


Sisters in Spirit 2011: Aboriginal Sex Worker Education Outreach
Maurganne Mooney of the Aboriginal Sex Workers Outreach and Education Project (ASWEOP) of Maggie's: Toronto Sex Workers Action project, speaking at the 2011 Sisters in Spirit Vigil, organized by the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto.
Standing beside her is Monica Forrester, co-coordinator of ASWEOP.
Thank you the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto for inviting Maggie's to participate.
Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is an organization run for and by local sex workers. Our mission is to assist sex workers in our efforts to live and work with safety and dignity. We are founded on the belief that in order to improve our circumstances, sex workers must control our own lives and destinies.

Murdered Women, Missing Justice
Every week since the beginning of the Sham Missing Women's Inquiry, the Women's Memorial March Committee has been rallying to denounce the disrespect and injustice happening inside. Dozens of DTES, Aboriginal, and Women's organizations were shut out from participating in the Inquiry. Now we are hearing numerous stories, directly and as reported in the media, of family members outrage and anger and frustration with this inquiry as there are no answers, no apologies, and authorities are just protecting themselves and each other.
Speakout Against Police Violence!
Take Back The Bronx organized a Speak-Out Against Police Brutality called Speak Your Rage Against Police Violence! Sat. Feb 10th 2012
Enough with others trying to speak for the community! Time for the community to stand up!
Speak your rage and join with others at a community speakout against the police murder of unarmed Rahmarley Graham, the recent police beating of Jateik Reed and against all racist police violence!
The Gay Hip-Hop Book
Gonna devote this week to catching up on hip-hop stuff.. Any suggestions on what else to tackle? Yes I will be talking about Suge Knight.
Needless to say, everything I say about hip-hop in this video is pretty much equally true about America as a whole.
RMR: Rick's Rant - Online Privacy

"SKINS" Open Mic: Kim Selling, on fat.

"Real" Citizenship Canada Bureaucratic Oath
Read the statement at:

No One Is Illegal-Toronto is an all volunteer grassroots migrant justice organization that fights for livelihood, food, education, healthcare, childcare, shelter, accessible services, freedom of movement, justice and dignity for all people, particularly undocumented and migrant worker communities in Toronto. We also act in solidarity with Indigenous movements for self-determination and organize against wars, economic and environmental attacks that push people out of their homes in the first place. 


Wab Kinew on George Stroumboulopoulos show to talk about First Nations stereotypes and why people need to stop using them. 1min45sec


Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', 
London, 12.11.11
RAFEEF ZIADAH is a Canadian-Palestinian spoken word artist and activist. Her debut CD Hadeel is dedicated to Palestinian youth, who still fly kites in the face of F16 bombers, who still remember the names if their villages in Palestine and still hear the sound of Hadeel (cooing of doves) over Gaza.


Prison Industrial Complex - Trans Views
Powerful documentary - Transgender women from TGI Justice speak out about their experience with the Prison Industrial Complex.
During the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) training series, members learned about the politics of prisons in the U.S., honed their public speaking and leadership skills, and shared their own personal thoughts and experiences about the Prison Industrial Complex. Additionally, as a key part of the training, members wrote, directed, and filmed a mini-documentary in which they interviewed each other as first hand experts on the effects of the Prison Industrial Complex on trans women and their communities.

Shit People Say to Strippers 
Yolo Akili- "Are We The Kind of Boys We Want?"

Elderly Animals: Photographs by Isa Leshko
Photographer Isa Leshko discusses her series entitled Elderly Animals. Learn more about Isa and her work at
Black Bloc Tactics Used to Confront Stalker
A stalker is confronted by 28 people, most wearing black and covering their faces with masks and bandannas, who help their friend deliver a message to him.


In defense of humbug, with Jay Smooth


Resisting Gender Violence Without Cops or Prisons
--An interview with author Victoria Law

Aside from the piece at 9:40 where she says
"...recognizing that it's not just women who face violence. Um, so they actually started doing trainings for, um, transgender people,..."

(which clearly indicates a breakdown in the reality that many transgender people ARE women, ugh! Maybe just an unfortunate edit, but this is such a standard thing, the assumption that we're talking about cis women when we speak about violence against women, that i felt it was necessary to make note) this is a good look into the issues around relying on police to deal with abuse/violence in certain communities.


From January 4, 2008, Prado Gómez talks about trans men taking responsibility (or not) for fucked up behaviour, and the kinds of communities we want to be creating.

Prado Gómez is the Director of Proyecto ContraSIDA Por Vida (PCPV), a community building organization by and for the queer Latina/o community in San Francisco's Mission District. Over the last 15 years he also has worked with youth (queer youth of color, youth of color and young women), using writing and theater as a tool for self expression and social change. Prado is a Mestizo (Chicano, Apache, Hopi) activist, parent, singer and husband. He dedicates his time to sharing knowledge in an effort to promote holistic health and wellness, especially in and for transgender communities of color through his work at Proyecto, as a trainer with the Harm Reduction Coalition and Training Institute and with his children.


Girl Talk: A Cis and Trans Woman Dialogue: Intro

ive started subtitling this video, but its about 2 hours long, so will take some time. Here is the first installment. Pamela Peniston introduces Girl Talk: A Cis and Trans Woman Dialogue, and Julia Serano offers a brief history and background about the event.

Queer cisgender women and queer transgender women are allies, friends, support systems, lovers, and partners to each other. Girl Talk is a spoken word show fostering and promoting dialogue about these relationships.

See the entire show at:


Spread The Word To End The Word
A group of students from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota produced a video promoting awareness of the derogatory use of the "r-word". "Spread the Word to End the Word" is a campaign started by the Special Olympics addressing this issue.

Almost 1,300 St. Thomas students made their pledge to eliminate the use of the r-word from everyday speech and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

Make your pledge now at You have the power to make have the power to spread the word to end the word.

Topside Press, (publishing by and for trans folks) Call for Submissions

Topside Press, the first publishing company for and by trans people, is putting out the call for submissions to it's inaugural publication, a collection of short literary fiction by trans authors. Go to to learn more or email if you have any questions!

Deadline is August 31st! Please, repost widely!


Portland City Council Unanimously Passes Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits for City of Portland Employees.

Geronimo E-KIA, a poem by the 1491s
Accompanying music by A Tribe Called Red

On May 1st around 3:30pm President Obama received a message from a Navy SEAL saying "Geronimo- E KIA" the code meaning Osama bin Laden is dead. We humbly disagree.

Geronimo was a product of his environment. A human. One with flaws. One with enough history that the person charged with defining who he is can shape the narrative any which way he likes. People chase him today, just as they did then. His story, or peoples versions of it, lead us to this point where we are today. But this poem isn't about Geronimo is it?

Geronimo E-KIA

Algonquins of Barriere Lake vs Section 74 of the Indian Act
Barriere Lake Solidarity has produced this video to help bring attention to the current struggle by the Algonquins of Barriere Lake (ABL) against the Canadian Government's imposition of Section 74 of the Indian Act. By enacting this obscure piece of the Act, the Canadian Government is attempting to take control of the community by imposing band council elections on the community. The ABL have always had their own customary government. For more information, visit:


The Fat Body (In)visible
A documentary on being a fat woman, and the moments in which you feel visible and invisible, moments in which you can just be and moments in which you are obliged to be hyper-aware of your fat body. By Margitte Kristjansson. Featuring Jessica and Keena, as well as photos from The Adipositivity Project (some of which may be NSFW).


"Survival, Strength, Sisterhood: Power of Women in the Downtown Eastside"
a short film that documents the 20 year history of the annual women's memorial march for missing and murdered women in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories.


"What Women Deserve"
Sonya Renee at the Individual World Poetry Slam Finals 2006. Charlotte, NC. Check out more work at


The Origin of the phrase "Women of Color"
Terms like 'women of color' are not just descriptions, but have political and ideological histories and current meanings. Here's a clip of Loretta Ross, cofounder and national coordinator of SisterSong -Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, sharing one of the birthing moments of the term 'women of color' 


"How To Tell People They Sound Racist"
Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine breaks down the kinds of conversations you can have with folks.


"Every Ho I Know Says So"
a response to the total lack of accessible online resources for people looking for advice on how to be a good date or lover or partner to a sex worker. We want to support our lovers to continue unlearning the internalized stigma against sex workers, especially in intimate relationships. We think that sex workers themselves have valuable advice and direction to give to people who get into intimate relationships with us. This is the direct message we want to give to our lovers: "We hope that this video is useful to you in your journey to becoming a sex worker-positive and supportive lover and person in the community!!! By continuing to work on your attitudes about our work and educating yourself, you are showing us that you care. We love you!"


"2 Hot Transexuals Finally Give Some Answers!"

Has someone ever asked you a question that feels invasive? Has a complete stranger ever made assumptions about your life? Do people tell you that your name and pronouns puts a strain on their lives? Red and Charles answer some of these challenging questions!


"Crip Sex, Crip Lust and the Lust of Recognition"
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and Ellery Russian talk about the lust of recognition, crip sex, "the good, the bad and the ugly" of recognition, getting it on, and finding home in bodies so often kicked out.

March 20: March Against Racism: Freedom from police brutality, imprisonments, and deportations!
March 20th Community March Against Racism to End individual and institutional racism and racial violence
- Defend Indigenous lands and communities!
- Self-determination and an end to wars and occupations!
- Freedom from police brutality, imprisonments, and deportations!
- Living wages, healthcare, education, and housing for all!

Olympic Village Tent City 2011 A rally with over 200 protesters marched from Pantages Theatre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, to Olympic Village in False Creek.
The rally was the kick-off to the Olympic Village Tent City 2011. The tent city had three demands:
1. Resident-controlled 100% social housing for ALL unsold units at the Olympic Village.
2. The purchase of a minimum 10 sites per year in the Downtown Eastside, and the creation of resident controlled 100% social housing on all those sites.
3. An END to the criminalization of poverty by immediately abolishing Project Civil City, overturning anti-street vending by-laws and all anti-poor discriminatory legislation and by raising welfare rates.
People's History of the Coast Salish Territories: Hogan's Alley
On Friday, Feb 25, at an event organized by Westcoast Sheen and Rhizome Cafe, the Vancouver-based writer and poet Wayde Compton spoke about the multi-racial neighbourhood that was once upon a time located where the Georgia Viaduct is situated now before getting dismantled by the city

"It Did Not Start With Stonewall"

Our revolution didn't start with Stonewall. African-American lesbian elders tell the tales of gay New York life in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx before the world-altering Stonewall rebellion. In this clip they recall, raids and suffocating laws and racial discrimination faced within the gay community.

 "Queering Black History Month"On February 28, 2011, activist Lali Mohamed organized the first event of its kind at any Canadian University; Queering Black History Month. Through a panel discussion and photography exhibit, Queering Black History Month aimed to re-insert the lives, experiences and achievements of queer and trans African, Black and Caribbean people i...n Canada, the diaspora and on the continent into the discussions of Black History. Over 200 people gathered at Ryerson University to listen to these inspiring stories of strength, tenacity, resiliency and community.


"Die-in Demonstration - Bill C393"
On December 13, 2010 activists gathered in Toronto to hold a die-in in support of Bill C393. The bill hopes to ensure life-saving medicines reach those in developing countries who need them the most. The Bill will come before Parliament again on January 31st.
To support the bill, visit:
Deviant Productions Copyrights 2011.

- The Color of Fear
- Barbado'ed Scotland's Sugar Slaves
- Vandana Shiva - The Future of Food and Seed
- Angela Davis & Toni Morrison, LIVE


The Color of Fear: the Paradox of Race and Oppression in the new Millennium

 How does one confront racism in todays world? What factors contribute to the racism and oppression people face? In an effort to stimulate critical thinking about these issues, Simmons College, Associate Professor Gary Bailey will address these questions and others regarding racism and oppression in relation to sociopolitical issues, economic factors, and historical themes. Bailey also will provide a framework for confronting racism and oppression.
Activist and author Elaine Brown, the first and only woman to lead the Black Panther Party speaks on issues of race with reference to her new book New Age Racism. She discusses the Black experience throughout American history and the issue of reparations for all descendants of slaves.

Series: Voices [5/2001] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 5720]

Gandhi and the Politics of Nonviolence - Snehal Shingavi - Occupy Austin Teach-In
Gender Identity Disorder Debate
111124 - Roots to Grow - The Need for radical Spaces in Movemen Building, Part 1
111124 - Roots to Grow - The Need for radical Spaces in Movement Building, Part 2