Friday, February 4, 2011

Anti-Bullying Website

Hey, please check out this new website about bullying and folks with disabilities. They're looking for submissions by March 15, but i imagine it'll be an ongoing project. More of this kind of thing! 

Over the years i've experienced a wide range of what i consider bullying as a gimp, and let me tell you, it runs from the hilarious to surreal to really fricken scary. Anything from comments about how it (my disability) is "just so sad!" and "just such a waste!", to "when i see you, i feel so fortunate!" and "you're really inspirational!", to "you're a useless piece of shit" and being shoved and hit and otherwise physically intimidated and messed with. This shit is real, it does serious damage to folks, and the more resources that're available to help folks deal with it and/or to expose/deal with their bullying ways the better!

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