Saturday, August 14, 2010

gimp representation

OK. So. If you're disabled and identified as such by sighted folks*, can we talk? i would love to do some kind of project with you, a photo project, or video, or writing, or audio, or a combination, or some other form altogether? i cant photograph or film my way out of a wet paper bag lol, but know folks who can, some of whom are also gimps.

i'd love to have more (any?) things i can look at and be like, "huh, that actually reflects something that looks like me, in ways i'd want to be reflected". What sorts of things have you gotten to partake in, either as a participant or observer, that made you think "shit. we need more of this"? Ya know, representation and all.

i keep returning to this post:
and thinking "damn. i want more"

Wanna do something about that?


* i.e. "visibly disabled"[sic] i hate how that's always couched in such ENabled terms! i don't know how to get away from it being centred on what sighted folks perceive, while getting my point across. There are times i do projects with a bigger base of connection than this, and there must be a better way of thinking/talking about this, but there's something to it, something about being identified as a gimp out there, in the day-to-day, that has some very different meaning to me than when i wasn't being identified that way. There are a whole bunch of things to deal with, and i really want something that talks about that, but with other folks too!

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