Monday, June 27, 2011

Service Dog Dreams Become a Nightmare

"I began what was supposed to be my three week “Service Dog Boot Camp” with Arizona Goldens, LLC. Unfortunately, less than six days into it, Arizona Goldens abruptly terminated my boot camp.  It’s all over.  This was entirely their decision and I do not agree with it. 
I do not get my service dog and Arizona Goldens will be keeping the entire $20,990 that all you wonderful people gave to them for the specific purpose of providing me with a suitable service dog."

This is an absolutely outrageous (though likely not a singular) travesty and i believe a blatant abuse of the trust and hard work and money that Amber and friends and family put into this. Please, watch the video, go to the website and learn more, and pass it along. This should never happen to anyone again!


Anonymous said...

Hey friend,

I'd love to see this video but when I get to the link and try to play it, it is set to private and can't play for me. Any wayt hat I can see it?

Corey E.

romham a bear said...

hm. yes i just noticed that as well. it must be from the owner of the video, because everything else seems to be working fine. Sorry 'bout that!

romham a bear said...

also, it seems their journal has been set to hidden as well, so im not sure what thats about. i dont know this person personally, so am unsure if it's intended just for close friends perhaps? Anyways, i didnt find the video on youtube again either, so i think we're out of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll send her a FB message to find out and send her to this blog :)