Friday, July 1, 2011

An Invitation

Wow, this month has been a really busy one in accessibility audit land. 7 this month alone, and more to come. This is a good thing, because it means more folks are open to exploring some different ideas about accessibilities, and getting more clarity on where they and their spaces are at, and that translates into increased accessibilities. 

i'd like to extend an invitation to you. If you've had an audit done by me at any time, i'd love to hear feedback about the process. How was it for you? Are there things i can be doing differently? Ways to help it feel more collaborative? Less collaborative? Are there pieces of it you're not feeling so clear on? More followup? Do you need more information? Do you have thoughts about other items to bring to the table? Did the process feel good to you? How might i improve any part of it?

 i'd love to hear all kinds of feedback, and am totally open to talk more about it in an environment that feels good to you. i don't just want to come to a space, audit it, provide feedback and leave it at that if you have more you'd like from it.

So please, let me know your thoughts!

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